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Policies, Standards, and Governance

Security policies are often overlooked but critical to the security of both you and your customers. Having policies in place along with standards for governing data security are more important than most companies realize. Implementing audit  controls in advance of customer requests eases the minds of executives and Boards alike.

Macrame Technologies can help provide security policies and standards based on the organization that are proven in the industry. We identify the required security controls for each business according to the needs of the company.

Policies, Standards, and Governance

Security Training

Security is everyone's responsibility. Making sure organizations are fully trained on how to protect their assets is a key tenet within Macrame's guiding principles.

We provide training to developers and all IT Staff to improve the culture around security. OWASP top 10, NIST Security Standards, and Cloud Security are at the top of that list.

Security Training

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Risk Management
A company's approach to risk management is pivotal to its success. Macrame Technologies brings a wealth of expertise in this area of security principles.
We provide overall risk mitigation strategies for the business along with a roadmap for improving its security exposure. These would culminate in highlighting a company's security posture to its  executive management and Board of Directors.

Risk Management

Not every company can afford a full-time Chief Information Security Officer, but the role is still critical to the security posture of an organization. Security policies, governance, and risk management are essential for every business. 


Macrame Technologies can provide a virtual CISO to support these types of businesses and provide training for the organization to maintain top standards in the industry. 

Interested in vCISO Services?

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