At the core of Macrame Technologies capabilities is delivering strategic initiatives. With decades of experience in implementing practical solutions to meet your business needs, this team prefers taking on large complex projects that challenge your organization. Our team knows how to work in matrixed organizations, bridging the gaps between generalists and executive leaders.

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Systems Integration

Merging computer systems into an existing ecosystem of applications requires the right tools and experience. Macrame Technologies follows a proven methodology to discover, plan, design, develop, and implement that has been proven time over time.

Just like integrating systems should be seamless, our integration into your enterprise is as well. Let us take the burden from your team to work alongside in delivering complex systems.

Systems Integration
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Project Management

Managing projects is at the forefront of our capabilities. Scrum, agile, waterfall, and iterative methodologies have a place in many organizations. Knowing when to implement them is what companies struggle with the most.

With decades of experience leading complex initiatives, Macrame Technologies identifies the best tools and practices to implement into your real-life scenario.

Project Management
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Business Consulting

Small business leaders need mentors who will meet with them where they are currently within their growth. Practical advice and just-in-time strategy on how to grow market share are critical to the livelihood of a startup, today more than ever before.

The team at Macrame Technologies are equipped to help you sort through key pivot points in your growth, whether it is through a one-time or an ongoing interval.

Business Consulting
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Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies

Selecting the best fit for your organization may warrant an independent view, one that has experience understanding criteria-building metrics without a personal vesting.

Macrame applies a proprietary decision criterion to each need. In partnership with your team, the best product or service will be evaluated with proper due diligence.

Interested in Strategic Delivery?