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Protecting your company’s assets is pivotal in the existence of businesses now more than ever. Cyber attacks manifest both internally and externally. Whether it is a disgruntled employee or a hacker that you have never met, attackers are busy at work. You have to be ready at all times.


At Macrame Technologies, we offer the building blocks to identify and manage all of your cyber security needs. Our team of professionals are certified cyber security, identity and access management, and vulnerability specialists applying the latest industry tools and implementation practices.

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At Macrame Technologies, we believe that security practices should not be secondary when building new applications. It is at the core of what we do.
Our methodology improves overall security practices and reduce risks for applications. We assist with identifying clear actionable results to accountable application owners.


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Identity and Access Management
Macrame Technologies provides the principles and guidelines for proper security attestations, setup and implementation of  privileged access management and  external customer identity management.
Privileged Access Management
We help you to identify the appropriate privileges and access to cloud and on-prem infrastructures. We provide the tools to reduce privileged access and help with identity compliance.
External Customer Identity Management
Providing best practices for external identity management system including authentication, MFA, authorization, and role based access is a key tenet.

Identity and Access


Security Vulnerability Management

If you are implementing a new technology, your business is open to new security vulnerabilities. Having peace of mind about your infrastructure is beneficial for you and your customers.

At Macrame Technologies, we implement security tools for Cloud Security, Infrastructure Security, Container Security, and Application Security including SAST, DAST, Dependency Scanning / SCA, and Secrets scanning.

Security Vulnerability Management

Application Threat Modeling

Do you know how well your applications would fare against security threats?


Macrame Technologies offers and in-depth analysis of application security architecture and its ability to withstand threats, as well as providing countermeasures to future risks. 

Application Threat Modeling

Interested in Application Security?

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